About Employee Health Plan (EHP) 

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EHP provides support to Cleveland Clinic employees for all aspects of health benefit administration. We work with you on a variety of administrative issues related to your health plan and strive to provide outstanding customer service. Topics we can assist you with include:

• Benefit coverage and the provider networks.
• Claims management and resolution.
• Timely review of special benefit or waiver cases.

The Cleveland Clinic EHP Customer Service Unit strives to offer you quality healthcare services and the opportunity to select health plan coverage that meets your needs and the needs of your family while managing your expectations as well as expenses.

Cleveland Clinic offers their employees a comprehensive health plan that includes access to the entire Cleveland Clinic Quality Alliance network of providers. Cleveland Clinic Employee Health Plan is committed to consistently providing you timely and accurate information regarding your health plan benefits.

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Contact Information 
Feel free to contact us with any questions!
216-448-2247 (option 2)
Toll-free number: 877-688-2247 (option 2)

Employee Health Plan address: 
3050 Science Park Drive, AC332b
Beachwood, OH 44122

Mail code for internal mailings: AC332b

Fax numbers:
EHP Main Fax: 216-448-2053
Eligibility Fax (New Hire Audit): 216-448-2054
EHP Wellness Fax: 216-448-2055