Employee Health Plan – Coordinated Care 

Living with a chronic condition can be difficult, but getting it under control is easier when you don't go it alone.  That's why EHP offers over 20 Coordinated Care (disease management) programs at no extra charge. Click here for a list of the Coordinated Care programs, including those that qualify for the EHP Healthy Choice program.  For information on Tobacco Treatment click here.

How the Programs Work

Registered nurse care managers work closely with members and their doctors and share ways to manage chronic conditions and overall health through diet and fitness, setting goals, monitoring progress and preventing complications. Members have regularly scheduled phone visits with their care managers, and receive educational materials and referrals to informative, physician-approved websites. These programs do not replace a physician’s care - they reinforce your plan of care and help you stay well between doctor visits.

Advantages of Joining

Plan members who join Coordinated Care can be reimbursed for some of their copayments medically necessary screening equipment, such as glucometer testing supplies for the diabetes program or Blood pressure monitor for the Hypertension program. . Once all of your Educational  and Clinical goals are successfully met  you may be eligible for reimbursement of some of your Tier 1 physician visit copayments related to your condition   And after you have met all goals in the program you may qualify for reimbursement on some of your medications. Click here for more information.


For more information or to join, call the EHP Medical Management Department at 216-986-1050 or toll-free at 1-888-246-6648.

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