Employee Health Plan – Curves 

Curves will be paid by the Employee Health Plan at 50%.  Members will be responsible for the remaining 50%.
50% Member Responsibility:

  • Curves Fitness - $20.00 per month
  • Curves Complete  - $29.50 per month

Curves Complete is changing the way men and women around the world approach not just fitness, but weight loss.  The best way to lose weight is through a complete approach that takes into account diet, exercise and motivation.  In many ways, it’s like a three-legged stool.  When you have all three, you’ve got a solid foundation. 


The Curves Complete diet is simple and effective. Participants receive access to CurvesComplete.com and a personalized plan based on an initial assessment. There are many great tools on the website such as a shopping lists and eating out resources. Curves Complete also offers the same convenience of portion control provided through mail order diet programs at a fraction of the cost by allowing participants to use frozen dinners available at the grocery store.


A complete exercise program takes into account both strength and cardiovascular training. Participants can achieve this complete workout at Curves*.


Curves Complete Coaches have completed training in diet, exercise and behavior modification and work with participants 1 on 1 each week to help them reach their goals In addition to the motivation received from coaching sessions, daily coaching videos on CurvesComplete.com keep participants engaged and motivated to stick to their goals.

Types of Sessions Offered / How to Enroll:

In Club:  One-on-one sessions are offered at participating clubs for eligible EHP members only.  Simply call the club of your choice for details on how to get started.

The online and at work programs are no longer offered.