How to Link Apple Watch to Healthy Choice Portal

As with all approved activity devices, health plan members are responsible for confirming that steps or activity minutes are uploading to their Healthy Choice Portal accounts at least once per week to avoid or identify technical issues which may affect your premium status.


To link your Apple Watch to the health plan’s Healthy Choice Portal, do the following:

  1. Ensure your Apple Watch is synced with your iPhone.

  2. Download the “MC Link” health and fitness app onto your iPhone.

  3. Login to the MC Link app on your iPhone with the same username and password as your Healthy Choice Portal account.

  4. Login to your Healthy Choice Portal account and click on “Activity Device.”

    1. If you have an existing device linked, select “de-link” for that device.

    2. The link for MC Link will then appear as an option.

    3. Click on MC Link. You have now connected your Apple Watch to the Healthy Choice Portal for tracking. (Technically you’ve connected your iPhone, which is synced to your watch, but you get the idea.)

Activity data transmission tips    

  • The MC Link app has three views: Login, Activity and Settings.

  • To automatically refresh and transmit your activity data, tap “Settings” and toggle “Automatic Upload” to the On position. This enables the app to automatically refresh with the latest activity data available.

  • The “Automatic Upload” feature transmits all new or updated activity results from the last 30 days whenever you open the MC Link app on your iPhone.  Automatic Upload does not mean that data automatically transmits to the Healthy Choice portal - you must open the MC Link app.

  • To manually transmit data to the Healthy Choice Portal, press the crimson table cell corresponding to that day. The “Sending” message will disappear once the transmission is complete.

  • NOTE:  Confirm that steps or activity minutes show on your Healthy Choice Portal account.

There are minimum requirements to use an Apple Watch as an activity device in Healthy Choice. Those requirements are:

  • An iPhone 5 or later that is synced to your Apple Watch
  • iOS version 10 or later
  • The free “MC Link” health and fitness app on your iPhone

If you require assistance with the MC Link app and connecting your Apple Watch, contact Motion Connected at  or 920.593.1919.
Note: Apple Watch is not available for sale or discount through Motion Connected or Cleveland Clinic.

If you have questions about the Healthy Choice Program, call the Employee Health Plan at 216.448.2247 and press option 2.