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EHP wants all its members to have a primary care provider (PCP)This will provide you with the advantage of having a provider knowledgeable about your healthcare and can provide preventive healthcare, care if you become ill, and advice regarding the need to see a specialist.  Finding a PCP is simple. Use the form below to search for a provider by name, or perform an advanced search by location in proximity to you.  Physician practices considered primary care include most Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics.   Note: You must have an office visit with the PCP for them to establish you as their patient.   Click here for PCP Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information on locating a Cleveland Clinic PCP click here.

How to Shop for Healthcare in the EHP click here

Cleveland Clinic Wooster EHP Providers

EHP Tier 1:  Use the Find a Practitioner search box below. 

Find a Practitioner

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Step 2: Enter one or more of the following criteria to refine your search for practitioners.

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EHP Tier 2:
Midwest Health Collaborative (MHC).  MHC is a group of health systems and their employed physicians across the state of Ohio.  Provider Directory:  https://directory.mhcol.com/  or website: https://www.midwesthealthcollaborative.org/

EHP Tier 3:
Medical Mutual Traditional Network – a network of providers within the state of Ohio.  Website:  www.supermednetwork.com and click on “Traditional.”
First Health – a network of providers outside the state of Ohio.  Website:  https://providerlocator.firsthealth.com/mmoh

NOTE:  The University Hospital systems and their employed physicians are not considered in the Tier 2 or Tier 3 networks.