Employee Health Plan – Provider Network

The Cleveland Clinic Employee Health Plan provider network (EHP) is made up of more than 8,000 practitioners and 300 facility providers.

EHP offers a 3-Tier Network of Providers. As a Cleveland Clinic EHP member, you can use any provider tier at any time throughout the benefit year and may see providers in multiple tiers if you choose. The tier you select, however, determines the amount of coverage you will receive. To receive maximum coverage, you must use Tier 1 Providers.  It is your responsibility to verify and obtain the most current Tier participation each time services are obtained.

Tier 1 providers consist of the Cleveland Clinic Quality Alliance (QA) network. The QA is comprised of Cleveland Clinic and regional hospitals, including participating physicians credentialed by the Cleveland Clinic Community Physician Partnership (CPP).  The Tier 1 Network of Providers includes Primary Care Providers (PCP), Specialist Providers, Behavioral Health Providers, and Ancillary Services Providers.  If you receive services from a Tier 1 PCP, you are covered at 100%.  To find a Tier 1 Provider click here.

Cleveland Clinic Express Care Online is Free for EHP MembersClick here to see a Provider now 

Additional Resources:

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Provider Networks

EHP Tier 2:
Midwest Health Collaborative (MHC).  MHC is a group of health systems and their employed physicians across the state of Ohio.  Provider Directory:  https://directory.mhcol.com/   or website: https://www.midwesthealthcollaborative.org/

EHP Tier 3:
Medical Mutual Traditional Network – a network of providers within the state of Ohio.  Website:  www.supermednetwork.com and click on “Traditional.”
First Health – a network of providers outside the state of Ohio.  Website:  https://providerlocator.firsthealth.com/mmoh