Cleveland Clinic e-Coaching

eCoaching is a 180-day program designed to help participants lose weight and reduce waist size to improve health and vitality while eliminating hidden health risks. The program involves interactive email exchanges between the participant and the health coach they are paired with for the duration of the 6-month program. Each health coach is a part of our team of medical and non-medical professionals led by Dr. Mike Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at Cleveland Clinic.


We coach each participant through the program by email. Goals are set on an individual level with each coach, and the email correspondences are used to help reach those goals through sustainable lifestyle changes. The participant records their daily steps and includes this number—along with food choices—in their email each day to their coach.


Convenience of email makes program flexible to fit your schedule, you can send emails at any time.  You do not have to attend any meetings like other in-person weight loss programs.  You will receive personalized emails from your health coach with consistent motivation, accountability, and trust. You will receive tips and guidance on recipes, nutrition, grocery shopping lists, and much more!

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