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The Employee Health Plan partners with Aetna as the Third Party Administrator (TPA)

The Employee Health Plan offers networks of high quality providers and facilities through Aetna, our Third Party Administrator.

To receive maximum coverage, you must use an in network provider. It is your responsibility to verify and obtain the most current network participation each time services are obtained.  

We don't require you to choose a PCP, but we urge you to select one.  Having a PCP who knows your health care needs can help you better manage your health and coordinate care.  Preventing a disease is often easier than treating one.  That's why regular checkups with your PCP are so important. 

Finding a provider is simple. Instructions for registering with Aetna are located below.

Register with Aetna

The Employee Health Plan network includes Cleveland Clinic employed physicians and facilities as well as other local contracted providers.  It is your responsibility to verify your provider's participation each time services are obtained.  To locate a provider, click here.  Note:  You must first register with Aetna to view your plan specific network.  

You can access your health benefit information by registering at Aetna.comor download the free Aetna mobile app for more convenient access to your benefits. Click here for detailed instructions.  If your issue is not resolved to your satisfaction after calling the TPA directly, please call the Cleveland Clinic Customer Service Unit at 216.986.1050, option 1.