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Are you a new Caregiver or new to the Health Plan? Cleveland Clinic offers a comprehensive Total Rewards package that recognizes the needs of a diverse workforce. Our Healthy Choice wellness program allows you to lower the cost of your benefits by focusing on your overall well-being. The Employee Health Plan (EHP) provides support to Cleveland Clinic caregivers in all aspects of health benefits administration. From benefit coverage and provider networks to claims management and resolution, the Employee Health Plan strives to provide outstanding customer service to all Cleveland Clinic caregivers.

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As a Cleveland Clinic caregiver, you are eligible to participate in the health plan starting on your first day of work. You have 31 days from your date of hire to enroll in these benefit programs in Workday . If you are a newly hired caregiver, you will have a new hire benefit task in your Workday inbox to make your elections. You can also enroll in coverage or make changes to your current election during the year within 31 days of experiencing a qualified life event such as marriage, birth of a child, or loss of coverage under another health plan.

Your coverage effective date will be retroactive to your date of hire, or the date of a qualified life event - however it takes about 4 weeks for your health plan ID cards to arrive in the mail after you have elected coverage in Workday. This means the sooner you elect coverage, the sooner your health plan ID cards will arrive.

View Your Plan Specific Providers

As you evaluate the plan offerings, you can access these provider search tools designed specifically for each plan offering.  You'll want to confirm your medical providers are participating in the specific plan offering you choose.  For assistance in navigating the provider search tool, take a look at the Aetna tutorial video prior to starting your search for answers to many common questions.  Then, access the links below and continue as a guest once you arrive at the search site.

Having trouble finding your provider?  Contact the Employee Health Plan for assistance at 216.986.1050 or 888.246.6648, option 1.

Welcome Packet

You will receive a Welcome Packet in the mail, which includes the following information: 

  • Summary Plan Description and Prescription Drug Benefit (SPD)with full coverage details 
  • Healthy Choice Program information
  • Notice of Privacy Practices

Dependent Verification – Willis Towers Watson

If you are enrolling dependents onto your plan, you will need to provide dependent verification after you have elected coverage to ensure that the dependents you are adding are eligible for coverage. Eligible dependents include your lawfully married spouse and dependent children under the age of 26. After you have elected coverage in Workday, a mailing or email from Willis Towers Watson, our Third Party Administrator (TPA) for dependent verification, will be sent to your home address or inbox asking you to provide dependent verification documentation.  

Acceptable forms of dependent verification documentation include a prior year’s tax return with your dependents’ information on it, a copy of your marriage certificate if you have a spouse dependent, or birth certificates for children. You will need to respond to Willis Towers Watson and provide the requested documentation in order for your dependents to be covered under the health plan. If you do not respond to their request by the deadline provided to you, the dependents you had added to your plan will be removed from your plan and their claims will be denied.  Dependent coverage will be terminated dating back to the effective date of enrollment. 

You may refer to the EHP Summary Plan Description (SPD) “Dependents Eligible” for Coverage 

Coordination of Benefits (COB)

All members must complete the COB process each January,  when you enroll and when you experience a life event change.  The COB form can be found on the Forms page.

Healthy Choice Program

The Healthy Choice Program is a voluntary discount program from the Employee Health Plan (EHP) that rewards you for taking action to manage your health. The program provides resources to help you save on healthcare costs for the following calendar year. 

*You must be enrolled in the Employee Health Plan to participate in the Healthy Choice program. 

Please wait to join Healthy Choice or any other wellness programs until you receive your health plan ID number. This information is needed to sign up for these programs.

Read more about the Healthy Choice New Caregivers Program including program requirements and FAQs.

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