Health Plan ID Cards for New Members

Once you have submitted your health plan coverage elections, it takes 4-6 weeks to receive your EHP cards. You need the cards to make medical appointments, get prescriptions, sign up for EHP wellness programs, or create an account on the Healthy Choice premium discount portal.

Accessing Service Prior to Receiving Health Plan ID Card

If you need services during this time frame and prior to your benefit elections being processed, you may be asked to pay up-front for services. This can be adjusted at a later date when the Third Party Administrator (TPA) processes your benefits selections. If you need an appointment urgently and have selected your benefits but do not have your EHP ID card yet, you may ask the scheduler to select “EHP Pend” as your payer when scheduling the appointment. Your provider office can also call EHP to confirm coverage.  Please note, if you are an Out-of-Area caregiver and need services prior to receiving your health plan ID card, you will have to pay upfront for services and then complete a reimbursement form.

If you have to pay out of pocket for prescriptions prior to being activated with Caremark, you can complete a form and file for a reimbursement.  Remember, stay with a Tier 1 pharmacy provider to maximize your prescription drug benefit.

Viewing your Employee Health Plan ID Card

EHP ID cards can be viewed and/or printed prior to their arrival in the mail once benefits have been processed by Mutual Health Services or Third Party Administrator (TPA).

Viewing your health plan ID Card through MHS

  1. Login into the MHS portal using your MHS credentials.  If you have not registered on the portal you can do so by clicking on "Register" within the login box.
  2. Click on “ID Card” to the left of your name or any dependents on the health plan to view the EHP card.
  3. Select “Click to Print” to print the specific ID card.
  4. You can also view your card on the MHS Mobile App.  Instructions are below under "Related Links"

Viewing your health plan ID Card through UMR

Using these directions, register on UMR.  Once registered, you will have access to your ID card and claims information.  In addition you will have access to your plan-specific provider network.   This network also includes the Cleveland Clinic Tier 1 Network of Providers in Cleveland and Florida. There is not a Tier 2 network for OOA members.

EHP MHS Mobile App

Follow these easy instructions to download the EHP Mobile App

EHP Wellness Programs

Once you have your health plan ID, you can enroll in wellness programs that include Weight Watchers and the Cleveland Clinic Fitness Centers.  Please be sure to participate in these programs as required. Regular participation allows you to get the most out of the program to meet your health and fitness goals.