Nicotine Cessation

We applaud you for taking the necessary action to quit using nicotine/tobacco. The Employee Health Plan (EHP) provides resources to help you quit, at no extra charge.

Program Overview

EHP has partnered with Cleveland Clinic eCoaching to offer the Nicotine Cessation program to help you achieve your goal to quit using tobacco/nicotine. The program pairs you with a Health Coach who will set goals and communicate with you weekly. This new program is offered at no extra charge.

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Scan the QR code to the right to download the app and get started in the program. 

You can also click here to create a Healthy Choice account or log in to your portal. 

Participation in the eCoaching Nicotine Cessation program counts toward your Healthy Choice goals if you enroll by the program deadline and meet all your Personal Program Requirements by the final deadline. Learn more about Healthy Choice.

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