WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined): What’s changed + how you can enroll


Experience our most customized program ever with myWWTM 

When it comes to losing weight, everyone's needs are different.  That's why, for the first time ever, WW is offering multiple ways to experience the journey with three different plans: Blue, Green and Purple.  When you join WW, you'll be matched with a plan that best fits your lifestyle.  Current members can choose which plan to continue, based on their preferences.

Discounted pricing

Through our health plan, members pay only 50 percent of an already discounted WW membership price.

This discount applies to EHP dependents, including spouses and children (18-26 years of age).

Below, see WW discounted pricing for all health plan members:

  Digital (online) Private Virtual Workshops               
WW pricing for 2020
WW discounted price per month $15.96 $35.96
EHP contribution per month $7.98 $17.98
Your price per month $7.98 $17.98





How to join

  • Make sure you have your EHP/UMR card available
  • Make note of our employer code:  14558334

Enroll in the myWW Program.



For help understanding EHP program requirements, please call 216.448.2247 or toll free 877.688.2247 and choose option 2.

For WW offerings or sign-up process help, please call WW Customer Service at 866.204.2885.

Lifetime Members Frequently Asked Questions