Success Story - Parrish M.

The Competitive Edge – A Healthy Choice Success Story

Have you ever wanted to cross the finish line first, or beat your spouse in a friendly competition? Parrish, an EHP member, knows this feeling all too well. His competitive edge is what pushed him to exceed his Healthy Choice goals recently. In fact, he and his wife Monique exceeded their weight loss goal, together.

The friendly competition started in the summer of 2020. Parrish walked 43 miles and lost 10 pounds in the first month. He had a new mindset and was more focused on his health. The result? Parrish now enjoys staying active with his family and has a habit of tracking his food with an app. In the summer months, he enjoys hiking the Metro Parks. In the winter months, he uses resistance bands and walking videos to stay active. Parrish knows the road to a healthier lifestyle can be challenging – but worth it. He recommends finding a few healthy habits and sticking with it. 

In addition to meeting his weight loss goal, his blood pressure and cholesterol are both in a healthy range. During his journey, he was excited to tell his Care Coordinator, Mary, about his success. To date, Parrish has lost a total of 50 pounds!

Parrish believes everyone can benefit from joining Healthy Choice. Have a spouse on your health plan? Maybe a healthy competition will encourage you both to reach your goals, together.

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