Employee Health Plan – Wellness Program Guidelines

EHP Wellness Programs

The following programs will be paid by the Employee Health Plan at 50%.  Members will be responsible for the remaining 50%. We count on your cooperation and support of these requirements so that we can continue to offer our plan members these valuable and life-changing wellness programs.  Below is a summary of participation requirements for our wellness programs. 

EHP Wellness Program Requirements

Weight Management Programs Physical Activity Programs

WW (Weight Watchers):

      At Work/Community Meetings:

  • Attend meetings
      Online Program
  • Log in and enter weekly weigh-ins

Cleveland Clinic Fitness Centers:

  • Have measurements taken annually 
  Cleveland Clinic Tier 1 Weight Management:
  • Attend 75% of the scheduled program meetings


Note: EHP wellness programs may be taxable.  In conformity with current IRS rules and regulations, the value of your fitness center membership or other wellness program is generally considered taxable income and reportable on your Form W-2.  This applies to the contracted vendors and depends on your health status.

If you have questions about how often to participate or about other program requirements, please contact us at 216.448-.247 (option 2) or toll-free at 877.688.2247 (option 2), to speak with a wellness programs specialist.