Employee Health Plan – Physical Activity

Cleveland Clinic owned Fitness Centers (Walker, Lyndhurst, Fairview, CCAC, Hillcrest, Lutheran, BOC, and Wooster)

1. Complete an online application at https://empwellfit.ccf.org.  You will need to know your EHP# and your employee ID number or the employee ID number of the primary insurance holder.
2. Have measurements taken. Go to www.clevelandclinic.org/employeewellness  for measurements days and times at each location.
3. If you are a spouse or dependent, you will need to bring your member confirmation letter or email to an Access control office to obtain a fitness center badge. Access Control is located at Main Campus JJN basement, CCAC building 1 in Beachwood, or Medina Hospital.
4. Bring either employee badge or fitness center badge to fitness center each time you visit and swipe into card readers.

Medina Community Recreation Center (MCRC):

1. Complete an online application at https://empwellfit.ccf.org You will need to know your EHP# and your employee ID number or the employee ID number of the primary insurance holder.
2. Have measurements taken. Contact Chandra Rudolph to schedule an appointment rudolpc@ccf.org  or 330.721.5392.
3. Bring copy of registration provided by Chandra to MCRC to register with them. Must have photo ID to register. If you are registering more than one family member, please do so all on the same day.
4. If you are a spouse or dependent, you will need to bring copy of registration to the Medina Hospital security office to obtain a fitness center badge.

Curves (fitness)

NOTE: Effective January 1, 2019:

·         EHP will no longer contribute to the payment of memberships for Curves fitness centers or the Curves Complete program.

·         Participation at Curves is no longer counted toward goals for the Healthy Choice discount program.

We are ending our relationship with Curves due to the limited number of Curves locations, which has contributed to low participation by EHP members.  This means all EHP memberships in Curves or Curves Complete will expire on December 31, 2018. Please contact your Curves location to arrange a self-pay membership or to cancel your membership.

You have other options to participate in Healthy Choice and earn a great reward. Consider a physical activity or weight management program through our EHP Wellness Programs. Contact us at EHPwellness@ccf.org or call 216.448.2247 (option 2) to talk to one of our EHP Wellness Specialists. 

EHP is committed to offering all members access to high quality wellness and health management programs. We hope you will continue your participation in these programs.

Make an appointment with curves facility you want to join and complete their Curves enrollment package and the EHP Physical Activity Program Application.  Note to Curves Members:   The Employee Health Plan pays 50% for memberships for active EHP members.  Employees who voluntarily or involuntary terminate employment become financially responsible for these memberships.  Curves requests a voided check or credit card as assurance that a membership will be paid.  If you join a Curves facility and then cannot participate for medical reasons, you will need to let the Curves facility know as soon as possible.  If this happens, you must provide the manager at your Curves facility with a letter from your doctor stating that you will not be able to participate for medical reasons and include the period of time your doctor believes you will be unable to participate.  Curves is paid by the Employee Health Plan at 50%.  Members will be responsible for the remaining 50%.  50% Member Responsibility:  Curves Fitness = $20.00 per month

The Physical Activity Program application must be completed when you join either a Cleveland Clinic Owned Fitness Center or Curves. The fitness center or Curves that you join will mail the completed application to the EHP offices. Failure to complete the application will result in non-payment of the program and you will become financially responsible for the entire amount of monthly membership.

The following is what you need to provide when you enroll for a Physical Activity Program: (At any Cleveland Clinic fitness center or Curves fitness center of your choice)
  • Employee Health Plan medical ID card. The EHP ID is required in order to verify eligibility. Each member must present their own medical ID card with their name and ID number on the card.
  • Members (both employees and dependents) must provide the employee badge ID number on the application.
  • A picture ID is also required for verifying identity.
Disclaimer:  At this time, the Health Plan has contractual arrangements with Cleveland Clinic-owned fitness centers and Curves centers, which allows the plan to track participation and health progress according to the regulatory standards we follow. Similar arrangements with other fitness organizations have been explored, but it was not been possible to agree to similar standards. At this time, the only way to meet physical activity goals and earn a lower premium through the voluntary Healthy Choice Program is to join the centers that EHP has contracted with or participate with a physical activity device.