Cleveland Clinic EHP Activity Devices 

The Healthy Choice Portal accepts the activity devices listed below.

Health Plan members are responsible for confirming that steps or activity minutes are uploading to their Healthy Choice portal accounts at least once per week to avoid or identify technical issues which may affect your premium status.

Members who have not previously participated can order a device at no cost by clicking on "Device Store" when logged onto the Healthy Choice portal. For a replacement device (any of the devices listed below) you will be responsible for the purchase cost.


Activity Devices and Apps Accepted on the 2020 Healthy Coice Portal

To compare devices and view possible discounts, please log in to your Healthy Choice portal and select “Device Store” on the left-hand side of your dashboard. All devices in the Device Store are compatible with the Healthy Choice portal, even if you purchase it somewhere else.     


How do I link my activity device to the Healthy Choice portal? click here (for Fitbit or Garmin only - for Apple instructions see link above)

Garmin Customer Service*


Monday–Thursday: 9AM - 7PM (EST)

Friday: 9AM - 6 PM (EST)


Fitbit Customer Service:


Apple Customer Service

Click here for support on Apple Watch and MCLink app

*NOTE for Garmin Users:  "Active Minutes" for Garmin users are currently calculated when the data Garmin provides shows activity of a moderate or greater intensity of device movement that lasts at least 10 consecutive minutes without stopping. For the average user this translates to their device recording approximately 75 steps per minute or greater for 10+ minutes.  The Healthy Choice portal does not receive "Activities", "Events", or "Intensity Minutes" from the Garmin system. This is because not every Garmin device tracks this data making it unavailable to our system at this time.