Employee Health Plan – Weight Management & Nutrition

EHP wants the best for you and your family, in the workplace and out.  This is why we have several weight management and nutrition programs to recommend to our participants.  Below are the programs we offer to help keep you active and healthy.

Tier 1 Weight Management Programs – Services that are offered through Cleveland Clinic and the Regional hospitals. These programs, offered through Cleveland Clinic and regional hospitals, have a schedule of classes with agendas for each class.  Check out the program right for you
Jenny Craig – EHP is proud to offer special discounts for members who join Jenny Craig.  Find a class today!
Curves Complete – Curves combines diet, exercise and motivation in their approach to weight loss.  When you have all 3, you have a solid foundation to lose weight and keep it off.
Weight Watchers – Weight Watchers’ personalized approach fits your life and is backed by real-time support. Its new plan focuses on you, not just a number on the scale.