WW Sign Up

New format, new name

Weight Watchers will have a new format and a new name. WW FreestyleTM will replace and enhance the current 18-week Weight Watchers plan.

If you are currently enrolled in Weight Watchers through our health plan, you can take advantage of the WW Freestyle once your 18-week pass has expired. 

Also, health plan members will no longer need to turn in WW books under this new program.

Discounted pricing

Through our health plan, members pay only 50 percent of an already discounted WW membership price.

This discount applies to EHP dependents, including spouses and children (18-26 years of age).

Below, see WW discounted pricing for all health plan members:

  Digital (online) Digital + Workshops
(formerly called meetings)
WW pricing for 2019
WW discounted price per month $15.96 $35.96
EHP contribution per month $7.98 $17.98
Your price per month $7.98 $17.98





How to join

New WW enrollment process effective 1/1/19:

  1. Visit https://wellness.weightwatchers.com and enter Employer ID: 14558334 and your EHP or UMR number to access the Cleveland Clinic EHP WW offerings.
  2. Select the plan you’d like to follow: “Digital” or “Digital + Workshops”
  3. To retain your current digital account history, click “Go to login” when asked “Already have an account?” and enter your WW.com username and password into these fields.  This will maintain your previous account history and settings.
  4. Complete the remaining steps of the registration.

Important dates

  • Jan. 1, 2019: WW enrollment process becomes effective.


For help understanding EHP program requirements, please call 216.448.2247 or toll free 877.688.2247 and choose option 2. or email:  EHPww@ccf.org

For WW offerings or sign-up process help, please call WW Customer Service at 866.204.2885.