Weight Watchers Sign Up

Weight Watchers is paid by the Employee Health Plan at 50%.  Members will be responsible for the remaining 50%. (see below for amount Member is responsible for paying)  The WW portal is being discontinued and applications will not be required.
50% Member Responsibility:
  • Online – $27.50 (3 months)
  • At work - $79.00  (18 weeks)
  • Community - $79.00  (18 weeks)


Call the Weight Watchers toll-free number at 1-866-614-9130 and give them the your EHP number.  Weight Watchers will verify eligibility and collect the 50% fee.  Weight Watchers will give you a confirmation number (Online enrollees will receive an Access Code).. You will need to give your confirmation number to your session leader at the first meeting. The Access Code will be needed to access the Online program*.

Registration is open at any time during a Weight Watchers At Work 18-week meeting series
  • Eligible members who want to join a Weight Watchers At Work meeting at a Cleveland Clinic location do not have to wait for a new session to begin. Members can join any time they are ready.
  • Although members can join at any week during a series, Open House Meetings will be held at Week 8 and Week 18 of every series . New members are encouraged to attend these Open Houses to learn more about Weight Watchers meetings and talk with a Weight Watchers Leader.
  • Members are not able to join a new session until their weight tracker from the previous session is received and entered into the system.

How to Submit Weight Watchers Log Book

You can fax, mail or email your book to EHP Wellness dept.  Make sure your first and last name, as well as your EHP ID number is on the document.

Employee Health Plan address: 
3050 Science Park Drive, AC332b
Beachwood, OH 44122

Mail code for internal mailings: AC332b

Fax number:
EHP Wellness Fax: 216-448-2055

email:  EHPww@ccf.org  (New Email)

If weight tracking books is not received after 7 days of estimated program close date the member will be removed from future Weight Watchers eligibility files.  You will not be able to join a new session until your book from the previous session is received and entered into the system. It takes five business days from date the book is received for entry.

* If the Weight Watchers Online program is not renewed with EHP or canceled the program will revert to the standard monthly pricing.

Questions? Call 216-448-2247 (option 2).