New Caregivers

Are you a new Caregiver or new to the health plan? Cleveland Clinic offers a comprehensive and competitive benefit program that recognizes the needs of a diverse workforce, provides individuals and families with meaningful choices and lets employees change work locations without experiencing interruptions in benefit coverage.

PLEASE NOTE: It takes 4-6 weeks from the day you elect health plan coverage to receive your EHP cards. You need the cards to make medical appointments, get prescriptions, sign up for EHP wellness programs, or create an account on the Healthy Choice premium discount portal.

Dependent Eligibility Verification
All new hires and/or existing employees enrolling themselves and/or their dependents for the for the first time are contacted by our consultant, Willis, to provide supporting documentation for verification of dependent eligibility.  Failure to submit supporting documentation will result in termination of coverage for your dependents.   

MyBenefits Website
An overview of benefits available to you, including health benefits provided by the Employee Health Plan (EHP). For additional assistance, contact ONE HR at 216.448.2247.

OneHR Workday and Portal
Benefits sign up, including health benefits provided by the Employee Health Plan (EHP). For additional assistance call 216.448.2247.

Coordination of Benefits
New members must complete the annual Coordination of Benefits (COB).  COB is the process used to pay healthcare insurance policy expenses when you or an eligible dependent is covered by more than one healthcare insurance policy. For more information click here

Healthy Choice Program
The Healthy Choice premium discount program is available to Employee Health Plan (EHP) members and their spouses on the health plan.  You can use the Healthy Choice Portal to view your personalized program requirements, care coordination nurses and goals, physical activity/steps, as well as current and historical premium levels.

EHP Wellness Programs

If you are enrolled in the wellness programs that include Weight Watchers and the Cleveland Clinic fitness centers, please be sure to participate in these programs as required. Regular participation allows you to get the most out of the program to meet your health and fitness goals. Click here for more information.

EHP Pharmacy Benefits

Information on the EHP Prescription Drug benefits, including the drug formulary and the EHP Maintenance Drug List. EHP Maintenance Drug List (click here)

What should I do if I need services before my EHP ID card arrives in the mail?

  • As long as you have enrolled in the health benefit plan within 31 days of your start date, your coverage is effective on the first day you start to work.
  • It takes approximately 15 business days from the time your paperwork is received by Human Resources to the time your benefit selection is processed by our Third Party Administrator (TPA).
  • If you need services during this time frame and prior to your benefit selections being processed, your claim may be denied and/or you may be asked to pay up-front out-of-pocket charges. This can be adjusted at a later date when the TPA processes your benefits selections.
  • If you need an appointment urgently and have selected your benefits but do not have your EHP ID card yet, you may ask the scheduler to select “EHP Pend” as your payer when scheduling the appointment.
  • EHP ID cards can be reviewed and printed prior to their arrival in the mail once benefits have been processed by the TPA. Click here and follow instructions below: (you must be on a Cleveland Clinic network computer to access this page)
  1. Login with your active directory user name and password (same that you use to login for work)
  2. Select “Health Plan Claims – Cleveland Clinic Employee Only”
  3. Verify your name and click on “continue”
  4. Click on “ID Card” to the left of your name or any dependents on the health plan to view the EHP card.
  5. Select “click to print” at top of page to print the specific ID card.