Coordination of Benefits

All EHP members are required to complete the Coordination of Benefits (COB) process, when they enroll for the first time and in January each year. Failure to complete the COB process will result in denial of claims for your participating dependents.
You can complete the annual process in one of three ways:

1.       Update your information electronically at the Mutual Health Services’ website.* (MHS is the health plan’s third-party administrator.) If you prefer, you can access MHS’s website via the OneHR Workday and Portal which allows you to access the site without creating a user ID and password:
  • Log on to the portal.
  • Click on "OneHR Portal"
  • Under "Benefits and Retirement" choose "Employee Health Plan"
  • Under "Related Links" on the right hand side, click on "Coordination of Benefits for Mutual Health Services".  (You will be taken back to the portal sign-in page to enter your username and password again for security purposes.) 
  • From the next sign-in page, click on Health Plan Claims - Cleveland Clinic Employees. 
  • This brings you to a new page that indicates your MHS account with your name. From this page, click on Continue. 
  • You should now be on the Policy Summary page where you can view EOBs or complete the annual COB process.
  • To complete COB, in the top navigation bar click on COB, and in the drop down menu select Annual COB Process and follow the prompts.
2.       Complete a hard copy of COB form and send it to MHS using the fax number or mailing address on the form.

3.       If you had no other insurance coverage in 2018 or for 2019, you can call MHS Customer Service at 1-800-451-7929. An automated phone system is available 24/7, or representatives are available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. ET. 
If you have questions about the annual COB process, please contact MHS at 1-800-451-7929.