Employee Health Plan – Tobacco/Nicotine Cessation 

We applaud you for taking the necessary action to quit smoking/using tobacco.  Please follow the instructions below to join an approved tobacco cessation program.

1.  Choose your program type:  The EHP Tobacco Cessation Program has options to use:

EHP Tobacco Cessation eCoaching program – online only


Work with an EHP approved Tobacco Cessation provider – in person (*Florida EHP members see information below)

2.  Enroll:  EHP Tobacco Cessation Application Required
If you choose to use the online EHP Tobacco Cessation eCoaching program the application is included in the registration process.  To access the online eCoaching program visit


If you choose to use one of the EHP approved Tobacco Cessation providers you must have a completed application submitted to EHP.  All appointments must be scheduled in advance.  At your first appointment, complete the EHP Tobacco Cessation Application (click here for application to print out)   Use the appointment date as your start date.  Be sure to include the provider and location of your program.  The application must be sent to EHP using the contact information on the form.  If the application is not completed and submitted, payment of any claims will be denied and credit for the program cannot be documented.  Visit our website for the list of EHP approved providers to make an appointment with.  Approved EHP Tobacco Treatment Providers:  For a list of approved EHP providers click here.

Florida health plan members and those with UMR coverage must use a Tier 1 provider Applications must be completed by the member and mailed or faxed to the EHP.  Click here for information on the Tobacco Treatment program in Florida.

3.  Cotinine testing
(urine test) will be determined by the tobacco program coach depending on the quit date.  EHP members enrolled by June 30th in an approved tobacco cessation program must schedule their cotinine test in August or September to count towards the Healthy Choice goal. Testing must be performed by an EHP approved tobacco treatment provider.