EHP Healthy Choice Portal


In order to serve all participants in the EHP Healthy Choice program, we offer the EHP Healthy Choice Portal. From the portal, you are able to view your personalized program requirements, care coordination nurse and hurdles, physical activity/steps, as well as current and historical premium levels. Caregivers - and their participating spouses - are able to access the portal at any time from the EHP website

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NOTE: You can login to your Healthy Choice portal account from your mobile device. 

Download the EHP Healthy Choice app today from the App Store (for Apple devices) or the Google Play Store, (for Android devices). If you have a Cleveland Clinic iPhone, you can download the app from Catalog.
Minimum software requirements:
•Apple users: iOS 12 or greater
•Android users: 5.1.1 or greater

To use the app, log in with your current Healthy Choice Portal ID and password. If you do not have a portal account, select “Create account” and follow the prompts. 

After you log in on the app, you’ll have quick access to:
•View your health status, activity data and program requirements
•Track your goals and progress
•Receive important reminders about program deadlines and updates

Need help with your download?

Contact the Motion Connected Support Team for assistance:

The Healthy Choice Portal accepts the Garmin Wellness devices, all Fitbit products, and the Apple Watch.

For a complete list of compatible devices click here


Note to health plan members with physical challenges: Please call Health Plan Customer Service at 216.448.2247 (option 2) or toll free at 1.877.688.2247 (option 2) to discuss wellness management options that fit your needs and help you qualify for Healthy Choice.